or save the world?
see what happens.


Want more relatable?

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When she was looking at my Cosima case! 

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day 2 of 10 Days Of POI
favourite female character Joss Carter

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Autumn in Paris

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she is an inspiration

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Feeling a severe lack of Joanne Kelly in my life right now so was looking through my Dragon Con photos again and found more that I kinda love. So I figured I’d share some of this precious face with y’all :’)

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Choose your own aventure!

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I’m trying to download gotham but it doesn’t seem to want to work


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morenasc replied to your post “can anyone think of any new female lead shows?”

On right now? HTGAWM, Jane the Virgin, Cristella, I think that The Librarians has two main ladies and three dudes but in their promo they have a lady in the front and center but that doesn’t come out till december

Yeah. Although this is looking like it’s not going to show much so I may go to older shows too if I need to! :’)

I already watch HTGAWM but I am considering the rest!

anddd…I’ve seen people talking about the Librarians so I was going to look into it but that sounds fucking great so I’m totally looking into that one! :D ahhhh thank youu

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my dad has actual issues

he was perfectly fine and watching tv

and then my mum went downstairs for a drink

and then he started shouting at me about going to bed and how he’s turning off the internet because I need to “actually starting doing something with my life and stop watching stupid tv shows”

lie, what the fuck

you’re such a fucking dickhead

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